Project Description


FUSION is an IST (Information Society Technologies) research project, funded by the European Commission in call 4 of the 6th Framework Programme.
The generic objective of the IST call 4 is to adapt to the Lisbon strategy and to ensure European leadership in the generic and applied technologies at the heart of the knowledge economy.

Europe is fragmented under several aspects, such as language, habits, and culture. This fact poses a problem for Europe as, for instance, the markets are smaller than in the US and Japan. However, this increases the quality of life and provides a spectrum of opportunities. In comparison to European enterprises, US and Japanese companies have the advantage of acting in a very large and homogeneous home market.

Therefore the European Commission strengthens the European Research Area in order to ensure European leadership in the generic and applied technologies at the heart of the knowledge economy.

The FUSION project

The FUSION project addresses one of the essential strategic objectives in the IST call 4: “Strengthening the Integration of the ICT research effort in an Enlarged Europe (2.4.13)", which means namely:
“To develop and validate innovative and efficient ICT-based systems and services in key application areas for the societal and economical development of the enlarged Europe, with a view to strengthening the integration of the IST European Research Area”.

Focus is given to e-Business, as FUSION aims at the efficient business collaboration and interconnection between enterprises by developing a framework and innovative technologies for the semantic fusion of service-oriented businesses applications that exist within the collaborating companies.

In addition, the project takes into consideration the intercultural and regulatory aspects of countries in the enlarged-Europe.

Objectives of the project

Following the above mentioned research needs the FUSION project will have a three-fold focus that will be achieved through the following research and innovation related activities:

  • FUSION aims at the development of an innovative approach, methodology and integration mechanism for the semantic integration of a heterogeneous set of business applications (ERP and CRM applications from different technology providers), platforms and languages within SMEs.
  • FUSION aims at the integration of research activities carried out in the Enlarged Europe in the areas of Business Process Management, Semantic Web and Web Services.
  • FUSION aims at the validation of research results by developing proof-of-concept pilots in collaborative commerce across semantically-enriched supply chains and value networks across the Enlarged Europe. In particular, the FUSION approach, methodology and integration mechanism will facilitate three trans-national cases, each of which has operations spanning the Enlarged Europe.

Further information on the project objectives can be found here.



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