FUSION Technical Architecture

The Semantic Services Analyzer is a graphical environment that facilitates the semantic conceptualization of Service-Oriented Business Applications regardless their technical infrastructure. The Semantic Services Analyzer enables the utilization of the produced business conceptualization for the automatic creation of Web Services.
The graphical environment enables system analysts to associate the theoretical concepts to the business application resources providing a connection between the system semantics and their technical realization. The Integration Mechanism is the component of the FUSION Solution responsible for the administration of the Semantic Repository (containing the Concept Models and Services Repository, the Web Services Software Instances Repository and the Semantic-enriched Service Registry), for the creation, administration and the maintenance of the Web Services and the publication of Web Services in the semantic-enriched UDDI Registry.
The Integration Mechanism does not offer any graphical interface but it communicates via SOAP with the Semantic Services Analyzer. This enables the remote creation and deployment of Web Services Software Instances by a group of users, potentially from multiple legal entities, that have the proper rights to connect to the Integration Mechanism, and the administration of the Mechanism by authenticated personnel (e.g., in case of inter-organizational EAI, the authenticated personnel comes from the “core partner” of the inter-organizational supply chain that potentially owns the FUSION System).
The overview of FUSION technical architecture is represented / depicted in the following figure:


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