Technical University of Koszalin (TUK)


Technical University of Koszalin

Chair of Production Management at Technical University of Koszalin organizes education of engineers to work for small and medium companies. The background of education is application of integrated business software (CRM and ERP) to work in virtual enterprises. The main goal of this educational system is to ease/adjust/adapt graduated students to cope in the world of real economy. The surveys led in our faculty refer to issues of data exchange between engineers’ and business applications in distracted production and cooperative systems. Politechnika Koszalińska has four Departments educating approx. 17500 students.

Previous research experience (European, National)

We have experience in participating in national and international co-operative research projects. We are member of studiaNET (learning web services).

TUK’s expected benefits from FUSION

Participating in FUSION, we expect to gain the possibility of permanent improvement our educational offer and our educational efficiency (also via internet) to equalize the chances and to adapt good educational standards for the needs of economy in any area of enlarged Europe.



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