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Steinbeis GMBH&CO fuer Technologietransfer
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 Dr. Günther Würtz

The Steinbeis Foundation provides an organisational framework for technology transfer activities. Today, the non-profit organisation Steinbeis comprises a network of some 250 transfer institutes, so-called Steinbeis Transfer Centres. These Transfer Centres have the opportunity to carry out technology transfer projects with industry in an independent manner. The Steinbeis Foundation (StW) is a provider of services in the field of concrete know-how transfers, vocational training and innovation management, operating in affiliation with the state government. The main emphasis is in the field of technology transfer, wherein the technological competence of StW is supplemented by business management problem solving potential. StW has realized in 2001 more than 20.000 projects with approx. 10.000 customers; the turnover reached 90 M€ with the help of more than 4.000 employees (full time and part time).

Steinbeis University degree programs and training are aimed at providing excellence, tailored to the needs and entrepreneurial spirit of our customers. Our Project Competence Degree Programs (the Steinbeis MBA, MBE and BBA) conform to the highest academic standards. Their aim is to dovetail theory with practice and thus provide companies and their staff with “qualification tools”. Our Training Programs in management and technology are targeted at specialists and managers who are keen to keep pace with the latest trends.

Mainly active in Germany, Steinbeis Transfer Centres are also located in Hungary, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and Japan. According to our statutes we are ready to disseminate results of this project to any interested party, paying special attention to the new member states.

Previous research experience (European, National)

Steinbeis has successfully participated in numerous funded R&D projects. Of particular importance in the context of FUSION is IMPACQT, Innovation Management Promotion Action to improve Cost, Quality and Time. Installation of innovation management techniques in 25 manufacturing SMEs in Baden- Württemberg (Germany) and 15 SMEs in Alsace (France).

StW’s expected benefits from FUSION

Most clients of Steinbeis are manufacturing SMEs participating in international supply chains. They struggle with different aspects of Enterprise Application Integration, with more or less unsatisfactory results. Participating in FUSION, we expect to improve our knowledge and our consulting offer in the area to the best of our customers.



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