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Interjob is an international network for executive search services with clients in sectors such as banking, insurance, oil, public utilities, etc. The network includes more than 10 small and medium enterprises in Germany, Hungary, Russia and Poland. Interjob is specialized mainly in searching executives for managerial positions on the first and second level and highly qualified specialists. InterJob Executive Search has its centre of activity mainly at international joint ventures.

Interjob’s partners and consultants have a reputation as industry experts. Often they worked in the industries they serve before joining Interjob’s organisation. Interacting in their marketplaces on a daily basis, they can locate, screen and recommend exceptional candidates.

Interjob’s expected benefits from FUSION

Participating in FUSION, Interjob network partners can connect their different IT environments. Common selection processes, including common interpretation of vacancy descriptions and applicant profiles will lead to automated procedures, reduction of costs and increase of quality. The established interoperable software infrastructure can support the recruiting processes in a very highly standardised form:

  • planning stage
  • exchanging information between partners
  • selecting and matching the candidates
  • scheduling and monitoring the interviewing process
  • document management
  • common promoting activities



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