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CAS Software AG
Wilhelm-Schickard-Straße 10-12
76131 Karlsruhe
Phone: +49 721 9638-215
Fax: +49 721 9638-299
 Spiros Alexakis

CAS Software AG CAS Software AG is the leading German CRM provider for small and medium-sized business organisations. With our award-winning products for Enterprise Information Management, we serve 1.500 companies with 32.000 satisfied customers. In 1998, the company has been awarded the European IT Prize. Recent awards include the IST Prize nomination 2003, CRM Best Practice Award 2003&2004, TeleTalk Best of Cebit 2004 Award. In 2003 and 2004 CAS Software AG received the award "Top 100 innovators” as the German SME with the best innovation climate.

CAS Software maintains an elaborated partner model in order to address a wide variety of different customer needs and cover a large geographical area. In order to offer our customers high quality service CAS partners must fulfill important requirements before getting the genesisWorld certifications (more then 95 software houses in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Romania and Hungary are developing integration solutions based on our tool).

The products of CAS offer the basis for personalized and context-sensitive information management. Our daily business reveals increasing demand for integrated and interoperable solutions, as distributed business environments become more and more common practice. In parallel, several CAS partners spent a lot of efforts for integrating CAS products with other enterprise software (ERP, PPS).

Previous Research Experience (European, National)

CAS has vast experience in leading and participating in research projects. CAS has co-ordinated several CEC funded projects (e.g. VENTO, UNCODE, TROOP, SMILE, SOAVE, BURMA-X) and has also widespread experience in national co-operative research projects. CAS has based the development of next generation products on the good experience of research activities, among them DOM (research on context aware services), VIVIAN (middleware for mobile devices) and AMBIENT LEARNING (learning web services).

CAS Software’s expected benefits from FUSION

Participating in FUSION, CAS Software seeks to deliver a significant added value to their solution partners that are dealing with enterprise software integration. In addition, FUSION is an excellent opportunity for entering the single European market. To this extent, CAS will ensure the exploitation of the project results by integrating them into their own product portfolio.



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