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 Béla Szikora

The Department was founded forty years ago to teach and research the topics of materials science, physical design, manufacturing technology and production management via computer-aided systems in the field of electronics. According to the growing need for information technology in the industry, the focus has been pushing towards production control and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in the education and in industrial cooperation as well. Now we have a new, forming laboratory group focusing on ERP and business IT systems, led by Dr. Béla Szikora PhD. The main research interests and educational topics of this group are as follows:

  • Business process analysis and modelling
  • Planning, developing, testing and introducing unique workflow systems in business areas
  • Configuration of standard enterprise resource planning systems and other business solutions
  • Implementation of add-on components to standard systems
  • Support and management of standard systems (SAP, ABAS-ERP, MFG/PRO)

The infrastructure of our Department is quite good in Hungarian relations. We have a large number of equipment available for educational and research purposes:

  • Laboratory for Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) of Circuit Modules
  • Computer Aided Design, design for manufacturing, application and adaptation of advanced EDA systems (Cadence)
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing and production control, adaptation of advanced enterprise control systems
  • SAP server
  • ABAS-ERP and MFG/PRO servers and a computer laboratory for ERP systems

Previous research experience (European, National)

Our ERP laboratory group has gained experiences in business software integration in the past few years. Within the framework of some ongoing research projects we have developed web applications and integrated them into existing standard ERP systems, we have integrated the product data management module of EDA into the material management module of the MFG/PRO ERP system etc.

The Department has proved to be a good partner for European-scale R&D activities, co-operating in research projects and networks, e.g. one of the department’s recent projects includes coordination of the NETPACK Club in the NETPACK Project. Since 1997 nine projects supported by the EC have been closed successfully, and further three ones are approved. Also the wide range of professional connections in the New Member States and Associated Candidate Countries made BUTE-ETT a valuable project partner.

The department performs continuous activity in order to disseminate the newest R&D results in several international and Hungarian organizations and events, like IEEE, IMAPS-CPMT, SIITME (International Symposium for Design and Technology of Electronic Packages), ISSE (International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology), OPAKFI (Scientific Society for Optics, Acoustics, Motion Pictures and Theatre Technology), HTE (Scientific Association of Info-communications), MEISZ (Hungarian Federation for the Electronics and Info-communication).

BUTE-ETT’s expected benefits from FUSION

FUSION seems to be a great opportunity for our academic staff and PhD students to gain some more experience in international projects, communication and cooperation. As we have a laboratory group specialised in ERP systems, this project fits into the members’ research interest. We hope that FUSION will make a chance for our talented university and PhD students to participate in a leading European project, face interesting challenges and perform their research tasks. We are also looking forward to utilize the results of the project in the education. Participating in FUSION, we can hopefully work out a more advanced theoretical background for our current system integration activities, and develop the semantic rules for the integration of EDA, Facility Management and ERP systems.



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