BEELC Polska Sp. zo.o.

Company profile

BEELC Polska SP. ZO. O
Kosciuszki 43
30-114 Krakow, Poland
Phone: + 48 (12)422-8019
Fax: + 48 (12)4224651
 Mr Przemyslaw Domanski

BEELC Polska is a provider of high quality customization and support services to the ERP users in the Eastern European Region. BEELC currently maintains or has supervised tens of installations of Baan ERP systems in Poland, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia and Turkey, with a focus on large account solutions. BEELC’s localization services consist of:

  • Customising (adapting) the functionality of the software system to the local business requirements. Customisation is performed in two ways:
    a) by changing configurable parts of the software system
    b) by developing new add-ons and incorporating them in the system.
  • Translating user interfaces, on-line help and documentation material from the standard to the local languages.
  • Transfer of expertise via training packages covering localisation and translation methodologies, localisation project management, quality assurance, configuration management and certification.
  • Supporting and maintaining of the overall delivered solution during the implementation process as well throughout its lifetime.

BEELC’s advanced expertise covers all steps of Software Customisation Life Cycle, from gathering requirements to final testing and certification, utilising the appropriate tools and processes. Additionally to maintenance and support services BEELC offers technical and development services to both partners and end-users. BEELC localization approaches apply to potentially any kind of business software, with a specialisation in ERP, financial and e-Business applications.

BEELC’s expected benefits from FUSION

FUSION is expected to help BEELC reconsider its architectural vision of software integration and align it to the notions of semantic repositories and semantic interoperability via semantic web services. Semantic integration expertise will be developed on the base of the FUSION results to complement the current knowledge about how to customise packaged software. According to a FUSION enabled integration know-how existing system installations are integrated, without internal systems modifications, at a semantic abstract level. Customisation services need to be drastically reviewed, for example translations now refer to concept models and semantic repositories. Concepts, business services and workflows recognized and modelled in the frame of the FUSION pilot cases will serve as foundations for solution adjustments that will allow seamless integration of industrial back-office systems with systems of business partners and public entities.



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