Research Project FUSION

Business process fusion based on Semantically-enabled Service-oriented Business Applications

SMEs cooperating with international partners in the enlarged Europe need holistic Enterprise Applications Integration (EAI) solutions in order to operate their e-business effectively. At the same time they are facing intercultural barriers, since current interoperability and integration efforts are more focused on "data" of the systems rather than on "processes".
FUSION aims to promote efficient business collaboration and interconnection between enterprises (including SMEs) by developing a framework and innovative technologies for the semantic fusion of heterogeneous service-oriented business applications.

The research project FUSION is led by SAP AG and a consortium consisting of 14 partners from five European countries (Germany, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Bulgaria), including Research Institutes, Technology Developers, Innovation Transfer bodies as well as end users.

Project focus

FUSION aims at a three-fold focus:

  • Development of an innovative approach, methodology and integration mechanism for the semantic intregation of a heterogenous set of business applications, platforms and languages within SMEs.
  • Integration of research activities carried out in the Enlarged Europe in the areas of Business Process Management, Semantic Web and Web Services.
  • Validation of research results by developing proof-of-concept pilots in collaborative commerce growth across semantically-enriched value networks across the Enlarged Europe. In particular, FUSION will facilitate three trans-national cases.

Expected results

  • The FUSION approach
    for Semantic Service-oriented Business Application integration covering essential business processes between collaborative organizations.
  • The FUSION Methodology
    for Semantic Service-oriented Business Application Integration that will facilitate the integration of business software applications.
  • The FUSION integration
    mechanism will simplify the interconnection of heterogeneous information systems, resource sharing and services provision.
  • Three FUSION cases
    will prove the concepts and tools of the solution, concerning three different "Enlarged Europe" use cases.

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